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Protect Pilots Eyesight From Laser Strike

Over the last decade, reported laser strikes on aircraft have risen exponentially. Since early 2020, laser threats have been extremely more prevalent.

Laser strikes can most importantly cause impediment to vision, alongside eye damage which can be perilous in the field, especially for those operating aircraft. Laser strikes also can act as a large distraction in the field and pose as a stealth threat.

The Armed Forces and commercial pilots will need to be able to adapt quickly to their environment, especially those that would be exposed to laser incursions especially where laser threats are abundant. The solution to this is protective eye gear that encompasses a unique laser protective lenses.

The technology of LazrBloc has been formulated to maximise optical density, minimising the impact of the field of vision while also maintaining the highest possible visible light transmission. LazrBloc was specially developed for precise laser eye defence against a variety of light energy wave lengths, including harmful and invisible near-infrared energy. LazrBloc laser protective lenses are integrated, interchangeable, situation-adaptable eye production products. In a field where technological advancement is accelerating, Revision’s LazrBloc ballistic lenses provide a robust and cutting-edge solution.

Revision’s CALI-C laser protective eyewear system uses the CALI lens, providing precision laser protection from common hand-held laser threats without washing out similar colors used on cockpit glass displays. The anti-reflective coating is used on the outside of the lens to reduce unwanted reflections which are especially noticeable in a cockpit environment. Both configurations of the CALI-C formulation are restricted for sale to aviation users only.

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